Planetary Force

Planetary Force was the first game I worked on. I developed it and its components as a hobby project while I was studying at high school. It is a complete game that took about six months of really hard work to be completed.

  • Entirely programmed in Assembly Language
  • Four Stages and a challenging Final Boss
  • Cool Sound Track
  • Stage Editor
  • Bitmap Editor
This is one of the stage intros...
One of the stage intros...

Here is some of the action you'll find inside
Stage 1: Try to get all ammo power ups, or else
you'll be dead meat in the comming stages!
One of the final bosses
Final boss: find out how to defeat it!


Download the Game and its Source Code

*Thanks to Zena and Nada Mourad, the two aussie sisters for the help with the artwork!

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